French drivers go to Luxembourg to fill the tank

Due to strikes at refineries in France, 20 percent of gas stations in the country are facing supply problems. The ANWB recommends filling up your car in Belgium or Luxembourg. The strikes, organized by the usually radical trade union CGT, at ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies refineries continue today, after the union called on Saturday to start wage negotiations. “It’s going on everywhere,” a CBT spokesman told Reuters. Workers went on strike for higher wages to cope with strong inflation.

More than one-fifth of French gas stations are struggling with supply problems as strikes disrupt operations at four of the country’s most important refineries. At gas stations that still have enough fuel, there are long lines.

Dozens of motorists have come to a standstill in France with an empty tank, because petrol stations in the country run out of fuel as a result of strikes. The ANWB reports that since Friday, dozens of requests for help have come from Dutch people, especially from the north of France and along the Route du Soleil.