How was your running?

How do you plan your races? From multiple shorter races through the summer to a bucket list of events I’d love to do (yesterday’s Prague marathon coming high up that list) it’s sometimes a hard to keep track of what I’ve entered, how long it is until race day, and what’s coming up I like the sound of. Do you get old school with pen and paper and a calendar, or do you have a fancy app that tracks down to key races? I’d love your top tips, as I’ve yet to find something that works for me.

One date for your diaries, however – at least if you are in or near to London – should be the upcoming Night of the 10k PBs on May 19th, this year featuring the European 10,000m Cup. It’s a fantastic afternoon and evening of top level running, from club runners through to the elites, which you watch right up close in lane three, beer in hand. This year race director Ben Pochee has added in a bridge over the track and a fly past by two Typhoons to boot. I mean really, what more can the man do do tempt you? Oh, and it’s all free. Well, not the beer, you’ll have to fork out for that.

So, as always, over to you. I hope you all have better things to do on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday than look at your computer screens, but come and tell me about your weekend triumphs, lows – and those race planning tips, please.