At least 57 high school students were mysteriously poisoned

At least 57 high school students in southern Mexico were mysteriously poisoned Friday. According to local media, this is the third time in two weeks that school students have been poisoned in the state of Chiapas.

57 teenagers were taken to the hospital in the Rural Municipality of Bochil on Friday. They showed symptoms of poisoning.

One of the students was transferred to the hospital in the state capital in a weakened state. The condition of the rest of the students is stable.

On social media, images of parents hurriedly carrying their children in school uniforms into the hospital are circulating.

The authorities have not yet announced the circumstances. The parents suspect that the students were exposed to contaminated water or food, local media report.

On Saturday, prosecutors said they tested fifteen students for drugs. They did not appear to be under the influence. On social media, it was previously rumoured that the students tested positive for cocaine.