Easy fitness tips: Try three circus exercises at home

A handstand
Once you feel strong in a push-up position, use the sofa or a chair to raise your feet higher than floor level. This will increase the load on your arms and shoulders, and will start you on your journey towards doing a handstand. Eventually, try to put your feet on a wall. Can you perform the mountain climber action of bringing each knee towards your chest while in this inverted position?

This is fun, addictive and excellent exercise for the brain. You don’t have to start with three balls: any throwing and catching challenges will have a positive effect on balance, posture and concentration.

Stick balancing
Use a broom stick, vacuum cleaner pipe or something similar, at least a metre long. Stand the stick in the centre of your hand (palm up). Stare at the top of the stick and make movements or adjustments to your hand position as needed to balance the stick. If this is easy, try balancing it on your forearm, shoulder, forehead or foot.