25 construction projects coming to Luxembourg

A pedestrian zone around the Place de la Constitution, a new business school in Kirchberg, new buildings for the police… 25 projects were presented to the works committee on Thursday.

Public construction projects that cost north of €40m require a specific financing law, while those between €10m and €40m must be presented to the public works committee of the chamber of deputies. On Thursday 7 October, public works minister François BauschFrançois Bausch (déi Gréng) listened to proposals in the latter category, and now awaits deputy approval before letting them advance to the research stage. The projects are to be debated in December.

In the meantime, here is the list of the 25 projects:

Public buildings administration

—The redevelopment of the Place de la Constitution, which will be reserved for pedestrians and “soft mobility.” The car park around the Gëlle Fra will be no more. This is a joint project with the City of Luxembourg.

—The construction of a business and management school in Kirchberg on the site of the University of Luxembourg.

—The construction of a new European school for the lower cycle on the Geesseknäppchen campus (opposite Merl Park).

—The redevelopment of the Geesseknäppchen to (re)integrate bus bays and cycle paths.

—The construction of accommodation facilities for applicants for international protection at the Iergärtchen near the Findel, with communal areas (refectories, activity rooms, psychosocial services). The aim is to move the emergency accommodation structure (Shuk) out of Kirchberg.

—The construction of a new closed structure for rejected applicants for international protection near the Findel. The aim is for it to accommodate people with particular needs, including those with children.

—Renovation of the Ulysse Centre for homeless people in Bonnevoie.

—The redevelopment of the Clairefontaine car park in Luxembourg City, which is not public but is used by government staff. In particular, it will be equipped with electric terminals.

—Renovation of the Centre for the Development of Vision-related Skills in Bertrange.

—The construction of an additional placement facility for minors near the Unisec in Dreiborn.

—Renovation of the buildings of the Administration du cadastre et de la topographie, avenue Gaston Diderich in Luxembourg.

—The construction of an administrative building for the police in Redange.

—And a new police station in Mersch (separate from the project to expand the police precinct at the Findel).

—A new customs centre near a motorway (specific location not yet determined). The current buildings on the P+R South in Gasperich/Howald are to be demolished because of a district project.

—Renovation of the building occupied by the family ministry, avenue Emile Reuter, in Luxembourg.

—The renovation of the building of the former National Health Laboratory at the Verlorenkost for the Service des sites et monuments.

Bridges and roads

—The construction of a cycle bridge over the Bettembourg railway station, linking various national cycle paths.

—The construction of a bridge over the Märtesgronn in Kirchberg to create a link between Langfur and Kuebebierg. In the long term, the tram should pass through this corridor. Preliminary studies have already been started, as the bridge is to be located over a Natura 2000 protected area, a network of natural sites of great heritage value for their fauna or flora in the European Union.

—Various measures on the N12 road through Bridel to reduce speed or the number of vehicles.

—Removal of the level crossing at Moutfort, for the road section.

—Redevelopment of the section of the route d’Esch (N4) in Luxembourg City, to prepare for the arrival of the tram between Hollerich and the Cloche d’Or, even though the tram is not expected to arrive there before 2023.

—The redesign of the N13 (Dräikantonsstrooss) between Hellange, Frisange and Aspelt, to create more space for cyclists.

—The construction of a cycle track between Clervaux, Cinqfontaines and Troisvierges, which will run alongside the tracks to avoid too much levelling. A footbridge will also cross the tracks.

Train tracks

—The construction of a pedestrian bridge at Bettembourg station. This is part of a series of renovations launched in 2017.

—The renewal of the tracks between Berchem and Luxembourg in the summer of 2023. This concerns not only the rails, but the entire structure.

(The project listed above to remove the level crossing at Moutfort also concerns the CFL, which will be responsible for the rails.)

What about the 20 projects presented last year?

The deputies do not really judge the projects on their merits, explains the chamber of deputies. The validation procedure mainly makes it possible to “keep a budgetary view on these projects” since they do not require a specific financing law.

Thus, all of those presented last year at this time were validated in November 2020. It is unlikely that this timeline will be much different this year.