Belgian cocaine dealers caught thanks to Luxembourg buyers

Thanks to the unwitting help of two drugs buyers from Luxembourg, Belgian police in Athus just over the border were able to seize a substantial amount of drugs and large sum of cash from local dealers.

The information has just come to light, although the incident actually occurred at about 9:30 pm last Thursday when a police patrol in Athus, just a kilometre from the border, spotted a Luxembourg-registered car parked in the town centre they deemed suspicious.

The officers’ suspicion proved correct when they interrogated two individuals, both of Luxembourg nationality, who had just got out of the car.

They admitted that they were in Athus to buy cocaine from a supplier living in an apartment, in a building located in the same street the car was parked.

All the Belgian police then had to do was wait for the drug dealers to exit the building and immediately intercept them.

A subsequent search of the apartment uncovered no less than 750 grams of cocaine and 12,000 euros in cash, together with a dozen mobile phones.

The two occupants of the apartment were immediately arrested and will be brought before the investigating judge in Arlon.