Luxembourg startup looks to transform high street shopping

Luxembourg startup “iNui Studio” in partnership with Samsung in Europe looks to transform simple shop window displays into interactive high-tech tools, which could revolutionise the way we shop on the high street.

The patented technology (AirxTouch ™ Bar) transforms “every surface, regardless of the conditions into an interactive display,” promises the young company from Foetz.

The technology has a lot to offer: it works around the clock in all light conditions. “The bar transforms a normal screen into an interactive display in less than a millisecond, making it an instant attraction for the passers-by”.

The technology also works through double and triple glass panes and doesn’t require your fingers to touch the surface. “Even with gloves, the hand becomes the mouse pointer: pressing, zooming and wiping as you like,” the company promises to introduce its innovation at the “ISE Integrated Systems Europe” (7-10 February) in Amsterdam.

The technology allows customers to “play with the screens” and “discover original content”. In addition, it also supports NFC technology which allows transactions with a mobile phone and loyalty or credit card.

At the end of December 2010, the company iNui-Studio was founded with Luxembourg venture capital and government subsidies. The company designs and develops innovative software that enables the interaction between man and computer (gesture recognition systems and multi-touch surfaces).