Fitness tips: eco-friendly ways to exercise

Harness pedal power
Try a gym powered by human energy. Terra Hale in London runs the lights and speakers on pedal power – one class generates enough energy to supply a computer for a day. In Brighton, Eco Gym has cardio equipment that puts 74% of energy back into the grid, as well as energy-saving lighting, eco showers and no single-use plastics.

Go for a plog
A portmanteau of “jogging” and “plocka” (“to pick” in Swedish), ploggers collect rubbish while they run. See @Plogolution on Twitter and @PloggingUK on Instagram for a group near you.

Green up your kit
Pick sustainable fabrics: bamboo fibre leggings and sports bras are biodegradable. Asquith has an eco-performance fabric based on bamboo, called Bambor. Find an all-rubber or jute yoga mat (try YogaMatters), and look for a BPA-free water bottle, made from stainless steel (try Chilly’s Bottles) or sustainably sourced bamboo (Global WakeCup).