Fitness Tips: How to Exercise at the Outdoor Gym

You’re in the fresh air Green spaces calm you down, you’re breathing fresh air, and getting vitamin D from sunlight. We’ve also found that people tend to spend 20% longer working out if they’re outside.

It’s motivating Equipment such as the air-skier or the double air-walker, which both give your lower body a good workout, is designed for two or more users; and if you exercise with family or friends, it’s motivating and more fun. Indoor gyms can be insular and intimidating; outdoor gyms are more open and friendly. If you feel too exposed, pick a quiet time of day.

It’s convenient Outdoor gyms are often local, which means you’re more likely to use them. Many are close to playgrounds, so you can work out while your kids play. Plus they’re free.

It suits all levels of fitness Work at a pace you feel comfortable with and build up. You can incorporate other types of training to give yourself a harder workout, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), where you exercise vigorously and take regular short breaks: it’s great for fat burning.