Study Finds 52% of Mobile Device Users in Luxembourg use Mobile Banking

In its most recent study, ING International Survey examined how consumers shop and perform bank transactions online.

The study’s country ranking shows that the number of Luxembourg mobile device users ranked third at 52%, after those in the Netherlands (63%) and the UK (55%).

It can also be noted that the one-year change in the penetration rate of mobile devices (2015-2016) in the Grand Duchy (+12%) is second highest after Austria (+13%), proving that the adoption of this technology is well under way.

That being said, only 50% of Luxembourg residents believe that mobile devices have changed the way they manage their finances for the better, versus 71% for Europe and 85% for Turkey!

Online shopping boasts a rising percentage of mobile device users making purchases online, even though Luxembourg figures (49% in 2015 and 54% in 2016) remain below the European average (58% in 2015 and 66% in 2016).

Luxembourg residents spent the most online on clothing (29%), holidays (27%) and electronics (26%), among others.

There is a very high correlation between mobile banking and online shopping in Turkey, where 96% of online bank users shop online, compared to European and Luxembourg averages of 82% and 75% respectively, Luxembourg being among the lowest.