Test Your Wits in Luxembourg’s Escape Hunt Challenge

The Escape Hunt Experience is an adventure like no other where participants voyage back 100 years ago and play the part of a famous detective solving challenging mysteries.

The task involves participants using all their skills and wits as they go about gathering clues and solving puzzles in order to escape before the time runs out.

With 45 branches already opened worldwide, Escape Hunt, the global leader in this new industry, has newly arrived in Luxembourg in the city centre, where it is open 7 days per week, 365 days per year from 09:30-23:00.

With two scenarios inspired from the history of the Grand Duchy, Escape Hunt can accommodate up to 30 players divided into teams. Each scenario is playable for up to 15 players and takes place over three identical rooms to challenge each other simultaneously. These scenarios are: “The Return of Melusine”, which involves finding the missing curator of the Luxembourg Museum and the truth about mermaid Melusine’s mysterious return, and “Theft of the Crown”, featuring the disappearance of the Grand Duchess’ crown before her wedding in the 1920s.

In the course of the year, a third mystery “The Vault” will be announced. This additional theme will feature seven rooms and forty old and young detectives playing at the same time. Children are welcomed with their parents.

Escape Hunt is also running special team-building and events for companies of all sizes.