Justin Trudeau goes the beaten path and accuses China in manipulating of elections

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is conducting an independent investigation into China’s interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian elections. He also asked the national security committee to investigate Chinese attempts to influence the election results.

According to The Globe and Mail, China has tried to get Trudeau’s Liberal party into power by manipulating the elections. The Canadian daily wrote this based on leaked information from intelligence agencies. China would rather see liberals in power than the conservative opponent, as the Liberals are more open to trade with the Asian country.

Trudeau wants to have clear “what has happened in the last two elections and how foreign governments have interfered with them”. He also wants to know “how Canadian security services have responded to threats of interference and how that information has been shared between government departments”.

The prime minister and the Canadian security services have acknowledged that China has tried to interfere in the elections, but say that results have never been influenced by it. China has previously denied the reports from The Globe and Mail. The country also says it has no interest in Canada’s domestic politics.