Luxembourg student test results remain below OECD average

Student performance in Luxembourg has not improved in the last three years and remains below average among the 72 OECD countries, a report voices by Luxemburger Wort suggests.

Published on Tuesday, the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results give a snapshot of the abilities of students aged 15 in science, written comprehension and maths.

The study, which is carried out every three years, assessed 540,000 students from 72 countries from April to May 2015. In Luxembourg, 5,300 students underwent the tests over two hours.
Luxembourg’s results

In science, students achieved 483 points, eight points below the 2012 results, ranking the Grand Duchy in 33rd place, ten points below the OECD average (493).

There was also a decline in written comprehension, with Luxembourg students scoring on average 481 points, seven points less than in 2012. It pushed Luxembourg back from 32nd to 36th place in the table, placing the country below the OECD average of 493 points.

Finally, there was also a decline in maths results as Luxembourg’s students scored 486, four points less than in 2012, placing it slightly below the average (390). Luxembourg subsequently lost four places in the ranking for maths, occupying 33rd place.

It is important to note that Luxembourg’s 2012 PISA results were a considerable improvement on 2009’s figures.

The PISA report found that 14.1% of students performed well in at least one of the areas assessed, while 17% were under-performing in all three key areas.