Weiler Wind Farm to Produce 20% of Luxembourg’s Wind Energy by 2020

Weiler Wind Farm

OekoStroum Weiler SA has announced that its wind farm is under construction. In 2017 the village of Weiler will be hosting a new wind farm, which is to provide 20% of Luxembourg’s wind energy and 0,8 % of Luxembourg’s green energy by 2020. This means that the CO2 emissions produced will be 55 million kg less than a coal plant would produce. This is a remarkable amount for our environment. The wind farm will produce 51,5 billion kW/h per year, which corresponds to the energy consumption of 13,000 households.

Sponsored by EMCA and Becolux, this project began after eight years of extensive studies that finally convinced departments and municipalities. The research ensured that there will be no damage made to humans, animals and nature.

Only 0,6 % of the forest has been cleared to create space for the wind farm. To make up for this deforestation, oak and hornbeam have been planted on 2,1 hectares in the same area of land in order to increase the ecological value of the land. Moreover, a complex concept of mowing management has been developed for 21 hectares of land. The use of the wind turbines will be stopped during harvesting and plowing around the turbines. A complete restoration of the site and its infrastructure is planned for spring 2017. Finally, the owners bought a farm in which they will be implementing a technique to draw away the precious red kite bird species from the wind turbines.

In significantly reducing CO2 emissions, the project will allow the town to take a big step forward in its energy policy. In addition to its ecological aspect, this project is having a significant impact on the region’s economy by creating jobs for locals.

Although the first towers have already been installed, this project is still a work in progress. The completion of the project is expected in autumn 2016.