Fewer hotels but more overnight stops in Luxembourg

This year there are 232 hotel businesses in Luxembourg, but 20 years ago the figure was 369. This is also reflected in the countries room capacity which in the same period dropped from 8,085 to 7,633, Luxemburger Wort reports.

However the number over overnight hotel bookings has increased dramatically since 2010 in the Grand Duchy.

Figures released by the Tourism Ministry state that one-night stopover bookings have increased from 1.859 million in 2010 to 2.979 million in 2015. The trend therefore, appears to be towards more capacity and larger hotel operations.

There are regional differences though, especially in the Ardennes and Müllerthal where the number of hotel businesses has declined significantly, compared with the capital and the south of the country.

In contrast to classical stays, urban and group tourism is becoming increasingly important.

Many hotels have been forced to close their doors in recent years, mostly due to the fact that owners failed to react in time to the change in customer habits and demands, or rather, did not make investments in time.
1,000 more rooms

Interestingly, says Tourism Minister Francine Closener in her answer to a parliamentary question posed by deputy Marc Angel, hotel businesses in rural areas that are clearly positioned in the market, appear to be finding enough customers to remain afloat and indeed profitable.

Over the next few years, the Ministry expects an additional 1,000 rooms – not only in the capital but also in rural areas – to expand the range of accommodation choices.

Since 2013, the Ministry has funded more than 13 million euros to help the country’s hiring agencies.