Vernissage of Miami-Havana Photography Exhibition Announced

The inauguration of the exhibition “Miami – La Havane – Portrait de famille” will take place on 11 July 2017 at Neimënster from 18:30.

Neimënster and Museal publishers invite the public to the vernissage of the photography exhibition “Miami – La Havane – Portrait de famille” next week at the Agora Marcel Jullian of the Abbaye de Neumünster in the presence of Bertrand Rosenthal, curator of the exhibition, and Franck Renevier, coordinator of the exhibition.

The photographic exhibition ” Miami – La Havane : Portrait de famille” reveals the kinship of cultures in Cuba and in the Cuban neighbourhoods of Miami, a relationship that persists despite nearly 60 years of US-Cuban confrontations. Indeed, the deep unity of the Cuban soul, the “Cubanidad”, continues to assert itself on both sides of the Strait of Florida in spite of the “iron curtain” that has passed through it for many years. In this way, this exhibition hopes to contribute to the rapprochement of the two communities and thus to reinforce the nascent hope of a peaceful relationship between the two countries.

The vernissage will be followed, at 19:00, by a panel discussion with Bertrand Rosenthal, curator of the exhibition, who will explain the birth of the exhibition and its philosophy, illustrated with many examples from his experience as Director of the AFP office at Havana. He will answer questions from the public during the ensuing debate.

Free admission, but registration is required via tel.: 2620 52-1, or email: [email protected].

A complementary drink will be offered by the Bernard Massard service provided by the Domaine de Raville.

The exhibition will be open until 17 September 2017, every day (except 15 August holiday) from 11:00 to 18:00.

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