Van Mossel reaches milestone of 100,000 leases: The key to success lies in good entrepreneurship

Van Mossel’s leasing department welcomed the 100,000 th leasing driver last month. Personal attention and accessibility, but also courage and ambition have been decisive in achieving this milestone, says Managing Director Eric Berkhof.

“Customers want to be taken care of. And preferably in a single place. This translates into the widest possible range of services. From buying to leasing, from maintenance to lettering and everything in between. All our people are trained on this and know how to perfectly transfer the combined strength of our dealer-leasing and bodywork companies to the customer,” says Berkhof.

The Van Mossel leasing companies are united in International Car Lease Holding (ICLH). With the labels of Mossel Autolease, Van Mossel Privé Lease, J&T Autolease, DirectLease, Westlease and Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent, ICLH is a successful provider of car leasing, rental and carefree fleet management in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Eric Berkhof is proud and grateful to have reached this milestone. “Proud that all our people live up to this every day and grateful that our customers choose us, again and again.”

“The key to success lies in good entrepreneurship,” says Koen Claesen, CEO of Van Mossel Belux. “Every person responsible within the various departments receives the most important message from the management to distinguish themselves within a tight market. Van Mossel Automotive Groep was started almost 75 years ago and has traditionally been a family business. Taking care of our people and our customers is in our genes. With us, every customer matters: we are not only there for very large companies, but also for SMEs and with private leasing also for the private customer. A personal approach suits this: give attention, keep in touch, act quickly and solve quickly if there is a problem. In addition, we have a healthy dose of courage and ambition. We dare to anticipate and act anticyclically. Those are the ingredients of success, and that’s entrepreneurship.”

Van Mossel Automotive Group started in 1992 with the Van Mossel Leasing label in the Netherlands, then only with a handful of dealer companies. “It literally started with one car, and then another, and another. Everything was extracted from the local network in the Waalwijk and Tilburg regions.”, says Jan Deknuydt, CCO Lease Belgium & Luxembourg at ICLH. In 2012, during the credit crunch, the company initiated a number of acquisitions, starting with the important acquisitions of DirectLease and J&T Autolease. This led to considerable growth and also marked the beginning of Van Mossel’s activities outside the Netherlands. Van Mossel’s leasing division is now firmly in the top five in the Netherlands and Belgium. Deknuydt: “closing the one hundred thousandth contract is nice, but the road to it has also been very beautiful. And it is certainly not an end point. We continue to develop new products and services and are always looking for new customers.”

Deknuydt is clear about the future: “we continue to do what we do best: we still want to remain that personal, accessible leasing company for our customers. Do we see a certain trend? Then we are enterprising enough to respond quickly. We have done that very successfully with private lease – now about fifteen percent of our total business. For example, we are currently focusing on broader and also sustainable mobility packages. With the rise of hybrid work, the tense labor market, the focus on vitality and an increasing demand for flexibility and affordability, we are meeting customers in this regard.