AMCHAM Announces Networking Event on Resourcing IT in Luxembourg

The American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg (AMCHAM) has announced that it will be holding a networking event, in collaboration with APSI and PwC Luxembourg, on resourcing IT in Luxembourg on Tuesday 26 September 2017 from 19:00 at PwC Luxembourg (2 rue Gerhard Mercator, L-2182 Luxembourg).

There is a serious supply and demand issue right now for iT skilled jobs in Luxembourg. In effect, companies are asking themselves where they can find the IT employees that Luxembourg needs to fulfill its IT vision.

The IT sector, and indeed the total number of skilled IT jobs throughout the Luxembourg economy, are growing rapidly and many companies are experiencing difficulties because of delays in resourcing the IT employees they require.

No one solution will resolve this problem, however the multiple solutions which the industry want to highlight will help solve the problem. The idea behind this event is to discuss those and ultimately answer the question, “who do we need and how do we get them?”.

The event will begin at 19:00 with an introduction, followed by the highlight a 45 minute panel discussion and conclude at 20:30; for those who wish to discuss further, a network cocktail event is sponsored by PwC Luxembourg.

To join AMCHAM, APSI and PwC Luxembourg for a focused discussion on what is needed to be done to get Luxembourg the trained IT personnel is needs, see Cost: Free for Members of AMCHAM (€36 for non members)