You’re paying more for frozen fish but less for vegetables

The results of Luxembourg’s inflation rate in March showed some ups and downs in goods prices but actually remained stable overall at 1.8% compared to February.

The areas that saw the biggest price rises were travel costs, chocolate, pre-cooked food and dried, smoked or frozen fish. Cars, games and hobbies also contributed to the upward trend but not as significantly.

Meanwhile, the price of vegetables have dropped since February by 11%, but when the figure is compared to a year ago costs are almost 13% more due to poor harvests.

Interestingly, the price of fresh fish dropped, the opposite to preserved fish.

Oil prices also fell by 0.8% in March, but when compared to March 2015, it is almost 12% more expensive.

If this is broken down between fuels, motorists are currently paying about 15% more for diesel and 14% more for petrol, than they were a year ago.