Most Luxembourg residents check social media before breakfast


A new poll reveals that most Luxembourg residents check their social media accounts in the morning before even having breakfast.

Social media has become central to our every day lives, whether we want to know what our friends are doing, what the latest news is or which events could be interesting to go to. The fact that we can access social media from our smart phones brings with it the additional advantage of being able to use it anywhere, anytime.

That’s why TNS Ilres wanted to know when and where Luxembourg residents were using social media for the first time in the day. The poll shows that 32% of respondents check their social media accounts almost first thing in the morning, before having breakfast.

Of these, 16% go on social media while they are still in bed, immediately after waking up. 10% do so after getting up and before getting dressed while 6% get dressed first but still have not had their breakfast.

Unsurprisingly, especially the young generation has a strong desire to be up to date as quickly as possible. 47% of people between 16 and 24 years check their social media accounts while still in bed, 68% do so before getting dressed.

19% become active on social media while having breakfast and 17% wait until the time between breakfast and lunch. Merely 5% look into what’s going on in the social media world during or after lunch and 3% wait until the evening.

A somewhat less predictable finding shows that 11% do not check social media every day and even 13% don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co. at all.