Apple rolls out new maps for Benelux

Apple is finally rolling out the new style of Apple Maps in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. And the difference is big! But not everyone sees the new cards appear yet-that’s the way it is.

Apple announced a “new style” of Apple Maps last year with iOS 15, with much clearer neighbourhoods, houses, city limits, and more. These cards were initially only available in major US cities and London, but this year they also gradually rolled out in Europe.

Now these new cards are also coming to the Benelux. That was noticed by several Apple Maps users from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, who shared their experiences on the internet forum Reddit. For example, Reddit user u/losipov posted images of the new 3D view of Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam.

The new maps are a lot easier to read than the old variant. For example, you can now see at a glance what, for example, shopping districts are, where you can see sights, and buildings can now be seen in 3D in the map view. It all looks a lot less flat and cluttered.

Also, the border of a city or village is better to see, and it is easier to spot lawns or pieces of forest. The difference is very big, and Apple Maps can finally compete with Google Maps.

The new Apple Maps are not yet available to everyone. On the iPhones, iPads and Macs in our editorial office, we still have to do with the old version. So far, Apple has only tested the maps for a few users.

New maps are also currently being tested in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Israel and Saudi Arabia. There is a good chance that the maps for all these countries will eventually come out at the same time. In addition, support for Lookaround, Apple’s Street View alternative, is likely to come to the Benelux.