1st frost on Thursday morning & 1st thought of winter tyres


While in central and south Luxembourg it may simply have been classed as cold on Thursday morning, in some regions drivers had to already scrape frost from their windscreens, an indication that it will soon be time for winter tyres.

Anyone getting into their car in the early hours of the morning recently, can’t have failed to notice that the temperatures have dropped considerably, with very cold air. The news is that in the coming days this trend will continue according to Metéolux.

Every morning it is getting a bit colder. While the lowest temperatures on Thursday appeared to be between 2 and 4°C, the thermometer will drop further to about 1°C on Sunday morning, to 0°C on Monday, and even -1°C on Tuesday next week.

Forecast fog and cloud-filled skies favour frost formation and for Monday Luxembourg’s weather service is warning of slippery roads already.

Although it is only early October, motorists should already be thinking of the dreaded subject of winter tyres. Police are reminding drivers that winter tyres are now mandatory in winter conditions, i.e. ice and snow.

On a dry roads, summer tyres can be used even at low temperatures, however this is not advisable and motorists should think about their safety. “We recommend that you do not take any risks in cold weather and you change to winter tyres. Even if there is no snow and the ground is not frozen, they offer better handling,” said police press officer Carine Merens.

She concluded by saying, “winter tyres are called winter tyres because the are to be used in winter and not lie around in the garage until Christmas!”