Road To Huntsville will be presented at Neimënster this June

Stephanie Ridings’ Road To Huntsville will be performed at Neimënster in early June.

Written in 2015 for the Edinburgh Festival, Road To Huntsville is the third production in the BGT programme to promote young performers and to put women more at the forefront of theatre.

Originally performed by the author, the one-woman show features Lina Peller (pictured, photo by Romain Gamba) as Steph, a writer who researches women that fall in love with–and often marry–murderers on death row. She wants to understand what makes seemingly steady and sensible people do this? As she says: “These women are writers, journalists, lawyers, teachers, nurses, civil servants, mothers, wives.” But as Steph digs deeper into the subject, she finds herself more and more pulled in and begins corresponding directly with convicted murderer Jonny Demouchette.

Using multi-media projections and video clips, the show looks at what makes some women so attracted to men of violence, even to killers.

The BGT production of directed by the company’s founder Tony Kingston and his daughter Ferelith and is designed by Laura Burman.