PM Bettel Signs 20 Year Lease in Venice for Biennale Art Event

From 3 to 5 September 2017, Luxemourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bettel visited Venice in his capacity as Minister of Culture and Minister of Media and Communications.

Prime Minister Bettel visited the Biennale contemporary art event, where Luxembourg is represented by the artist Mike Bourscheid. The pavilion is beig organised in collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg Contemporary Art Forum and the exhibition “Thank you so much for the flowers” that combines costumes with domestic objects that are staged in the framework of regular performances of the artist.

PM Bettel congratulated the artist Mike Bourscheid and the managers of Casino Luxembourg for the Luxembourg contribution to the Biennale. He welcomed the success with the public, the number of visitors having reached 11,000 during the first half of the Biennale.

Minister Bettel also had a meeting with the President of the Fondazione Biennale, Paolo Baratta. As part of this meeting, a lease contract was signed for a pavilion on the site of the Arsenale, which is one of the two main enclosures of the event, which includes part of the official exhibition and the pavilions of several other countries. The commitment of the Luxembourg State covers 20 years. “This is a focal point of the Biennale and I am convinced that, thanks to this decision, the Grand Duchy will have an increased visibility from the Biennale of Architecture in 2018,” said Xavier Bettel. Details of this commitment will be presented in mid-September.