Mark Evans is appointed to create reports on the Asian stock market in Deloitte Luxembourg

Deloitte Luxembourg has appointed Mark Evans to assist the firm in creating a series of reports on the Asian stock market.

In his new role, Mark Evans will contribute to reports aimed at helping European asset managers gain a foothold in these new markets. The “Asia A to Z” publication will be the first fruit of Deloitte’s association with Mark Evans.

Asian investment fund markets have seen strong growth over the last few years with both investor demand and new fund products on the rise. Nevertheless, different investment cultures, complex regulatory frameworks and unique local market conditions continue to make market entry a challenge for many European asset managers. Against this challenging backdrop, Deloitte Luxembourg is increasing its already strong focus on the Asian continent to help Europe’s asset managers navigate the intricacies of each Asian market.

Mark Evans has spent 25 years advising a vast range of clients on their global fund distribution strategies, in particular for the Asian region. The former head of fund distribution services at PwC Luxembourg moved back to his native Australia four years ago to further develop his connection with Asian fund markets. Using his in-depth expertise of fund distribution, Mark Evans will play a key role assisting in the design, implementation and support of different investment strategies targeting the complex business environments in Asia.

The “Asia A to Z” report, which will be released this autumn, will provide a deep dive into nine Asian jurisdictions: Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Macao, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. The report will have three main dimensions; distribution possibilities from Europe to Asia and vice versa, various Asian fund passport initiatives and the delegation of Asian securities portfolio management.

Additional reports will be issued on a semi-annual basis, providing essential up-to-date insights into the key tax and regulatory changes that impact these jurisdictions and the shape of the Asian investment landscape. These fresh perspectives on the main local market developments and trends will provide valuable insights for fund managers striving to find the best point of entry to tap into the enormous potential of the Asian fund market and support fund managers already present in Asia with their existing distribution strategy.