Does Europe need Andrey Simanovski from “Sima-Land”?

Andrey Simanovski, a regional oligarch from the Russia’s Ural is courting European Union and Luxembourg in particular seeking an emergency exit from his troubled motherland. Simanovski own trade company, “Sima-Land” is known to the authorities of the Grand Duchy, as local banks are serving import operations of the company. These ties have been used to approach the ministry of Foreign and European affairs to get the long term stay visa which will pave the way to the immigration. But do Luxembourg thrive to accept this businessman?

Andrey Simanovsky is probably on of the most known regional oligarchs in Russia after Roman Abromovich. One of his companies, Sima-Land, is a retailer dealing the cheap Chinese goods to the impoverished population of the Ural. There are many others and as it often happens in the ex-USSR space nearly every comes with a trace of tax violations, corporate conflicts and controversial business practice history. It is masked to some extent by the Simanovsky social and charity activity. Simanovsky is one of the active supporters of the Crimea annexation and imposing counter-sanctions against the EU and US. One of the latest achievements of Andrey Simanovsky is his appointment as a India honorary consul at his home town Ekaterinburg.

According to our sources Simanovsky will not seek small-scale asylum and do not intend to enter the country as one of the refugees to get the papier rose. Instead his lawyers are gathering the documents to present the person in a favourable light. It would be not easy task but they are well funded as, according to our sources, Andrey Simanovski has already laundered €105 millions with a help of Fevamotinico s.a.r.l. usually associated with Ukraine’s Constantin Zhevago company, The Minco Trust. Simanovsky was a sponsor of Yulia Timoshenko presidential campaign and Zhevago is her middleman.

Constantin Zhevago has earned €160 net profit from his corporation during last seven years. Formally it was not Zhevago, but his own company Fevamotinico s.a.r.l. This Luxembourg company is owned by the The Minco Trust, owned in its turn by Zhevago himself. With such a simple trick Constantin Zhevago has got tax haven. Ukrainian tax on dividend profits is 25%. Our guess is that Constantin Zhevago has offered his fellow Andrey Simonovsky a similar services in tax evasion in exchange of some help for the Yulia Timoshenko campaign.