Luxembourg ready to burn the ‘Buerg’ all over the country


This weekend, Luxembourg will celebrate its ‘Buergbrennen’-tradition, setting ‘Buergen’ (literally castles, sometimes crucifixes) all over the country on fire marking the end of winter and the start of spring.

In Niederanven, close to Luxembourg city, the organisers did not shy away from building an enormous castle, which should make for an impressive sight once set alight.

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Website has created an overview of the main events of this weekend:

Saturday, March 4

Luxembourg – In Bonnevoie, at 7pm start at the church, procession to the water tower, ignition of the fire at 7:30pm

Roullingen – At 8pm, afterwards party until 3am

Mondercange – At 7pm, at the ‘chalet des Guides & Scouts’, rue de Pontpierre

Kopstal – At 7pm

Nospelt – At 6pm

Dippach – At 6pm, 25 route de Luxembourg

Sunday, March 5

Luxembourg – In Cents, start at 6:30pm at the church, procession to rue Birmann/rue du Cents, ignition of the fire at 7pm

In Cessange, start at 6:30pm at house nr. 317, no procession, ignition at 7pm

In Beggen, start at 7:45pm at the ‘école de Beggen’, procession to the football field rue Henri Dunant, ignition at 8pm

Limpach – At 7pm, A Millesch, 12a rue du Ruisseau

Echternach – At 7pm at the lake

Oberkorn – At 7:30pm, at ‘stade Jaminet’ in rue Dalscheidt, with fireworks

Niederanven – At 7:30pm at ‘Z.I Bombicht’

Useldange – At 7pm, ignition of the fire at 8pm in Schandel

Bertrange – At 6:30pm, procession followed by ignition at around 7pm

Kayl – At 7pm, at the town hall