US urges Ukraine to show intent for negotiations

The United States has urged Ukraine behind closed doors to show readiness for negotiations with Russia, The Washington Post reported on Saturday on the basis of insiders. According to the US, Ukraine should no longer openly refuse to hold peace talks as long as Russian president Vladimir Putin is in power.

According to the insiders, the US incitement would not be intended to actually get Ukraine to the negotiating table. Instead, it should be a strategic move to ensure that Kiev retains the support of other countries now that the war may last for years to come.

The US, like Ukraine, would recognize that Putin ‘does not want to negotiate seriously’ at the moment. At the same time, the fact that Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky himself also refuses all negotiations leads to increasing concerns in countries where the war has a major impact on the price of food and fuel, among other things. ‘Ukrainian fatigue is really a reality for some of our allies,’ an anonymous U.S. official told The Washington Post.

A State Department official said in a statement that Russia must stop bombing and missile strikes and withdraw its troops from Ukraine if it wants to show it is ready for negotiations. ,,As we have said many times: not words, but actions,” said the employee of the ministry. ,,The Kremlin continues to provide for escalations in this war. The Kremlin has shown since before the invasion of Ukraine that it is not willing to seriously participate in negotiations.”