US General consul Pfleger admits the work for CIA

Gregory Pfleger

Greece is on the brink of diplomatic scandal. It has become known that US general consul in Salonica, Gregory Pfleger, works for CIA. The diplomat told it to some random people in a bar, according to

“It was friday night. We were hanging out in the bar with friends in a bar. Mr. Pflerer, as we later known, approached to our table and ordered a round for everyone. He told us, what is his occupancy and later warned that he was hired by CIA” – told us the source.

Pfleger bragged that he does not only work as general consul, but is involve in important intelligence tasks around the world serving as CIA agent. He, according the source, told the company that he is attending a lot of training sessions and rigid personal checks.

Gregory Pfleger was born in New Jersey. His diplomatic career started in Russia as Peace Corps volunteer. It was back then that it was revealed that he likes to drink. He attended night clubs and made acquaintances with bar girls. It seems that this type of women is especially suitable for his taste. In 2005 he married Natalia Shalimo, a Russian woman from the distant Amur region.

“He quickly revealed his amoral nature. Alcohol and hookers are inseparable from his lifestyle. He barely covers it. In any country of residence he hires hookers, as young as possible, sometimes dangerously young. His goal is a moral degradation of the society. He is actively involved in economic and governmental crisis in Greece and other countries” told us one of his former subordinates.

There are reports that Gregory Pfleger is behind the operations that actively promote a schism in the orthodoxy. To fulfil this goal he collects a sensitive information on Church leaders.

Aside from Russia and Greece Gregory Pfleger has served in Tajikistan, China, Ukraine and other countries. Always accompanied by some suspicious story.