Initiative Digital Luxembourg proved fruitful

Cooperation between the government and the Luxembourg ICT sector over the past three years has yielded positive results.

ICTluxembourg today met with Prime Minister Xavier, Bettel, Deputy Prime Minister Étienne Schneider, Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna and the Minister of National Education, Children and Youth Claude Meisch on the occasion of their annual meeting within the framework of the “Digital Luxembourg” initiative. The meeting concluded that the collaboration between the government and the ICT sector, represented by ICTluxembourg, has proven fruitful.

As representative of the ICT sector in the Grand Duchy, ICTluxembourg includes ABBL, ALFI, APSI, Cloud Community Europe Luxembourg, Fedil-ICT, FDI, Finance & Technology Luxembourg and OPAL. Since Digital Luxembourg is investing in collaboration with the private sector, the government and the ICTluxembourg Board of Directors agreed to meet once a year to discuss the current state and evolution of the ICT sector and to identify remaining efforts to turn Luxembourg into a “smart nation”.

During this 4th meeting since 2015, ICTluxembourg President Gérard Hoffmann congratulated the government on the progress made in recent years. ICTluxembourg underlined its satisfaction at having been able to contribute to the implementation of some important projects, such as the creation of the “Digital Tech Fund” and expressed its satisfaction with the government’s efforts in the digital domain, such as the FinTech development, the adoption of a philosophy of Open Data, the implementation of projects such as the Luxembourg Digital Skills Bridge and the closer link between research and business.

Similarly, the government announced the intention to define some priority areas for first pilot deployments of 5G in Luxembourg. Indeed, these efforts are reflected in the good ranking of Luxembourg in the benchmark “Digital Economy and Society Index” and the “Digital Transformation Scoreboard 2018”.

Finally, ICTluxembourg emphasised that digitisation efforts should be maintained in the years to come in the face of continued challenges.