None Shall Pass: T.Abilkasymov barred from entry to the Grand Duchy

Grand Duchy

Kazakhstani expert Timur Abilkasymov was barred from entering Luxembourg. The information has been shared by Luxembourg Herald. According to the media insiders T.Abilkasymov was denied an entry because of his company, TARO S.a.r.l, likely involvement in money laundering schemes. Maureen Wiwinius commented that a row of suspicious accounts are now suspended and the investigation is ongoing.

As we wrote recently, Luxembourg fiscal authorities have suspended a foreign company from being listed in the business register. The company, TARO S.à r.l., has been temporary de-listed because it does not fully comply with several regulations. It raised the awareness of the tax evasion prevention and AML task forces.

The company, TARO S.à r.l. is registered in the names of certain Timur Abilkasymov et al. Some unusual patterns in its performance triggered a set of alerts and the investigation has been launched. The company seems to be accumulating funds from Kazakhstan and China without any meaningful activities aside.