After the lockdowns rebuilding personal ties between employees is the main task

In the current context, keeping the links between colleagues within a company who are teleworking is a challenge for HR departments, Office Managers and executives. In order to share convivial moments again, they are turning to online team building. Within the Knokke Out group, People First intends to meet this demand.

For a year now, many companies have been implementing teleworking. The motivation of employees working remotely and team cohesion are currently suffering the effects of the crisis. “Today, there is a desire to recreate a link with colleagues in a different, more playful way. Employees feel the need to disconnect from formal meetings on platforms such as Teams or Zoom,” recognises Tanguy Deschamps, Sales Director at People First Luxembourg.

New concepts to connect employees

For HR, Office Managers or even executives depending on the size of the company, the crisis offers an opportunity to propose new digital team building concepts to replace the traditional end-of-year meals or networking events. “Some companies will wait until the end of the crisis to get together somewhere in person. Others want to act now because employees need it. These companies are in the unknown when it comes to online team building. They can count on People First to guide them in a direction that matches their briefing.”

These online events are being met with considerable enthusiasm. Organised on platforms that are now familiar to employees, they enable them to share good times, be playful and encourage exchanges.

Meeting client expectations, from start-ups to large companies

Specialising in the organisation of team building activities for twenty years now, People First aims to recreate and strengthen the bond between colleagues. Due to the crisis, the company wanted to reorient and enrich its offer by opting for digitalisation. “We haven’t changed our business, but we have expanded our activity. This rewarding year has enabled us to see how to respond quickly to an immediate need.” In 2020, more than 216 events were organised in this way.

For both its online and face-to-face team building events, this longstanding player tries to be proactive with customers by making new proposals. “The client chooses from a catalogue of activities. The activities can be fine-tuned and organised to measure according to the company’s requirements, whether it is a start-up, a small or medium-sized company or a large company (banks, Big Four, etc.). The client or prospect will always be able to count on a contact person who will take care of their event from A to Z, from the briefing to the D-day.”

A playful moment among colleagues

Since the beginning of the crisis, People First has been offering participants various company events, including Wine & Connect. Boxes with different wines are delivered to employees’ homes, for them to taste together with their colleagues. An expert sommelier is in charge of animating the event and creating a good atmosphere. “Everyone will certainly be at home, but everyone will be able to have a live experience together and a moment of sharing that is much more bonding than a meeting.” Organised with Maison Bernard Massard, this event is a win-win partnership in the eyes of People First. “We like to collaborate with companies that share our values and are locally active in Luxembourg. This is very important to us.”

In 2020, other team building events such as the Apero Quizz Game and Hey Mister DJ were a real hit. “In the first case, aperitif boxes are delivered to employees’ homes and a quiz is organised via a platform. In the second case, a DJ livens up the evening from their studio. On another level, the digital escape game is also attracting support.