42nd Cactus French Wine Festival organised at Belle Etoile

The 42nd “Festival des Grands vins de France”, organised by Cactus, will be held at La Belle Etoile shopping centre from 15-28 October 2018.

For two weeks, La Belle Etoile will be transformed into an authentic wine cellar where wine lovers will be able to taste over 700 different wines from France.

For nearly 50 years, Cactus’ wine commitment has given its customers access to the finest bottles from France, from Bordeaux to Champagne, Burgundy and Côte du Rhône. On the occasion of this year’s wine festival, all the major wine regions of France will be represented in the gallery of La Belle Etoile, whilst a smaller selection of wines can be tasted at other Cactus supermarkets.

During the fortnight, guests will be served and advised by the wine specialists of the house, the owners, their representatives and, for the first time, by students from the Luxembourg School of Hospitality and Tourism, located in Diekirch, in collaboration with wine club “Club Vin sur Vin”.