Camorra gangster detained in Italy turned out to be a partner of Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Brodsky

Marco di Lauro, an alleged organized crime leader, the boss of the Camorra mafia was arrested in Italy. It is rumored that Ukrainian Veneto-Italia joint venture was founded by Marco di Lauro and his Ukrainian partner – Mikhail Brodsky, a well known businessman and politician.

A report about the final arrest of Marco di Lauro was published at ASNA. The hunt for Marco di Lauro was 14 years old. He was finally detained in Naples as a result of massive 150-men strong operation. The clues for tracking down Marco di Lauro were found in a murder investigation. It is a large scale event underlined by fact that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte personally congratulated the police.

In a subsequent searches the ties of Marco di Lauro with the Ukrainian business was rapidly uncovered. Some papers and accounts were found linking the mafia leader with Mikhail Brodsky. Marco di Lauro has share of the Veneto-Italia JV. The other shareholder is Mikhail Brodsky. They founded Veneto-Italy in 2003. The main product of the JV is mattresses and raw materials for the appropriate production.

One of the hiding places of Di Lauro was Mikhail Brodsky villa near Verona. Marco di Lauro lived there in 2018. The searches are underway.

Media sources in General Prosecution of Ukraine stated that Italian police were contacted by Italian counterparts to submit an extended information regarding commercial activity of Mikhail Brosky’s ‘Veneto’. Italians have reasons to suspect that Di Lauro might had used the venture to launder the criminal money obtained in Italy.

There is clues that Ukrainian police tipped their Italian colleagues an important clue that led to successful capture of the Marco di Lauro. Ukrainian investigators have discovered an counterfeit stock of Veneto mattresses in the Chernobyl zone. Some of them had the traces of drugs. Kiev police informed the Italian police and Interpol. Three members of the gang were detained in Italy and they confirmed Mikhail Brodsky involvement in the criminal organization. Brodsky’s villa got under surveillance.

Mikhail Brodsky has not commented the reports. He did not answer local media calls and messages left on his Facebook account. General Prosecution informs that after Italians have detained Marco di Lauro the international search warrant might be issued for Mikhail Brodsky too.