Prince Guillaume Receives Heads of Luxembourg Start-Up MyScienceWork

Prince Guillaume Receives Heads of Luxembourg

His Royal Highness the Hereditary Grand Duke received Virginie Simon and Tristan Davaille, respective founder and CEO of Luxembourg start-up MyScienceWork, in audience.

MyScienceWork has been gaining recognition as an international scientific platform with the aim of democratising the world of science by providing all scientists with access to publications from their field.

Co-Founder and CEO, Virginie Simon, was recently featured amongst The Hundert’s 100 successful female founders from across 40 European countries, whilst French magazine Challenge named the company one of “30 International Start-Ups to Invest In” last April.

MyScienceWork has formed partnerships with dissemination platforms such as DeepDyve and Polaris in order to achieve its goal of establishing a network for circulating research and publications.