Luxembourg City celebrates its World Heritage status

Added to the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites in 1994, the old fortifications of the capital city will be the focus of guided tours on 8 September. A special recipe book is also being launched.

Founded on 8 September 1993 at a meeting in Fez, Morocco, the Organization of World Heritage Cities now includes some 250 member cities which have a total population of more than 130 million. Luxembourg, which joined in December 1994 when its fortifications and old town were added to the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, is one of the smallest members.

But the capital was one of just 22 cities selected to be part of a OWHC photo exhibition on show in downtown Quebec City (which houses the headquarters of the OWHC) to coincide with the organisation’s 16th World Congress. The exhibition, which runs through 10 September, had as its theme “It’s good to live in …” Other cities selected for the exhibition include Strasbourg, Porto, Dubrovnik, Vienna, Mexico City, Hoi An and Krakow.

Luxembourg City mayor Lydie Polfer was particularly proud that her city was among the final 22.