Xavier Bettel visited the DMZ between South and North Korea

The last day of his working visit to Korea, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel visited the Demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea.

After arriving at Camp Bonifas, the Luxembourg head of government attended the briefing of the military armistice commission, the body responsible for enforcing the terms of the ceasefire agreement. At the Joint Security Area, he visited barracks and Check Point 3 – the Dora Observatory – from which a North Korean village can be seen.

The programme was followed by the crossing of the bridge over the Sachon River, which in 1953 served as a crossing point between the two Koreas, particularly for the exchange of prisoners.

The Prime Minister commented: “When we find ourselves on the tight border between the two Koreas, we realise the brutality of this border that separates the Korean people.” He also expressed his hope that the current talks aimed at bringing closer two Koreas lead to an improvement of the situation, especially for the benefit of the citizens north and south of the border.