Étienne Schneider and Uni.lu Sign Agreement on €453k Military History Research Project

Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and defence Minister Etienne Schneider yesterday signed a partnership agreement with the University of Luxembourg on a research project on Luxembourg’s military history.

Contrary to the detailed historical accounts of certain periods such as the First and Second World Wars, the military history of Luxembourg in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries remains little studied. In this area, a historical evaluation and a reference work are lacking. In this context, the agreement signed by the Minister of Defence and the University of Luxembourg aims to fill part of this gap.

The research project will be conducted over 5 years and will have a total budget of approximately €453,000, provided evenly by the Directorate of Defence and the University of Luxembourg. The research project will lead to a study on the military history of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg since 1817. The results of the study will be valued in particular by scientific publications and publications intended for the general public.