Over 1,000 queries to Luxembourg taxi hotline since September

A taxi hotline to share information about the new taxi reform and enable customers to lodge complaints was contacted over 1,000 times since its September launch.

According to Infrastructure Minister Francçois Bausch, the hotline ( 247-74444) and email address ([email protected]) received 1,083 queries during its first four months in operation.

It was set up to support Luxembourg’s taxi law reform, which aimed to make the taxi system more transparent. In addition to creating an information/complaints system, the reform requires all taxis to display their rates, use meters and reduced the number of licensed areas from 44 to six.

“Queries related to complaints from customers rose but remain in the minority compared with requests for information from actors within the sector,” Mr Bausch said, responding to a parliamentary question.

He added: “Most of the complaints were linked to tarifs paid for journeys taken, in addition to complaints about the behaviour of drivers. All cases were resolved in consultation with the drivers and firms involved.”

Another element of the new reform allows for the provision of licences for zero emission taxis, which meet certain criteria.

Minister Bausch said that so far 38 requests for such licences were received for the centre (zone 1). The licences are awarded on a quota-based system. Under the quota for zones 2 to 6, two licences are still available, the minister said.