Huge divide in Luxembourg wages between sectors


Those who work in Luxembourg’s financial and education sectors earn the highest salaries that can reach 90,000 euros per year, according to newly released STATEC data.

The research also shows that the housing and catering industries are heading in the opposite direction with the lowest salaries.

For STATEC, the wage differences are explained by worker profiles, taking into account factors such as educational level, age and seniority in the company.

If the average salary is 59.7 thousand euros per year, this can reach 90 thousand euros for those who work in the financial and insurance sector.

In the catering industry, the average salary is little more than 30 thousand euros per year.

Of the total number of workers, only 29% are Luxembourgers, followed by the French and the Portuguese.

Luxembourgers work mainly in public administration and education, as well as in the health and social sectors.