80% of Employees in Luxembourg Satisfied with their Jobs

According to a study by SD Worx published on 1 August 2017, 80% of workers in Luxembourg claimed to be satisfied with their jobs.

Human resources provider SD Worx asked 5,500 European workers what they think about their jobs in general, their job security, opportunities for promotion and their loyalty to the employer. Luxembourg ranked third in terms of satisfied workers with a score of 80%, succeeded only by the Netherlands and Belgium.

SD Worx interviewed employees in France, Belgium, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and the United Kingdom. Most European employees reported being satisfied with their work regarding what the role entails, the challenge it offers, the responsibility, autonomy and independence that one has, as well as the variety of work. SD Worx also surveyed the extent to which the work is considered useful and whether the work matches the knowledge and skills.

With the exception of Austria (68.6%), which came bottom of the list, more than 70% of employees were positive about their work in all countries. The Netherlands and Belgium are at the top of the ranking, with 87.8% and 86.4% of satisfied workers respectively. Luxembourg follows right behind with 8 out of 10 Luxembourg workers declaring themselves satisfied with their employment.

Regarding job security, almost 79% of Luxembourgers felt sure, believing in the continuity of the company and their own function within the labour market. Belgium came top of all the European countries involved in this aspect, followed by Netherlands. In Austria, fewer than six out of ten employees reported benefiting from job security.

Concerning perceptions of opportunities for promotion and development, results were lower. In most European countries, employees were only moderately satisfied with the development opportunities they receive. With the exception of the Netherlands, where 72% of the workers indicated that they had sufficient opportunities for development and Germany (61.1%), the other countries had a score of less than 60%. Luxembourg was no exception with a score of 59.3%. The percentage was the lowest in France, where only half of the employees claimed that they have opportunities for growth.

Finally, nearly 71% of Luxembourg workers declared loyalty to their employers and pride for the organisation for which they work. The Netherlands again led the way in this field with 81.6% of Dutch workers loyal to their employer. In Belgium too, more than three out of four employees intend to remain in the organisation indefinitely in the long term.