McPlant will be permanently available in Benelux countries

Fast food chain McDonald’s gives meat substitute McPlant a permanent place on the menu. The burger with beef imitation made of rice and pea protein, potato and beet was already briefly available from the chain in the Benelux as a trial last year. That trial was successful, according to McDonald’s, which is why the McPlant is firmly on the menu here.

The McPlant is not vegetarian or vegan. Because there is cheddar processed cheese on the burger, the vegan stamp is not possible. The burger itself is completely vegetable, but in its preparation, the McPlant may come into contact with beef. Therefore, the stamp vegetarian does not fit either, explains a spokeswoman for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has partnered with Beyond Meat to produce the vegetable burger. McDonald’s is not the first fast food chain to focus on plant-based foods. Burger King has a Veggie Whopper.

McDonald’s has previously introduced the McPlant in Austria, Denmark and Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In the United States, too, The Citizen is already on the map.