Xavier Bettel: Consequences of UK Referendum on Luxembourg too Early to Tell

“Luxembourg has no future without the European Union,” the country’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, affirmed on Thursday during a consultation on the outcome of the UK referendum held at the Chamber of Deputies.

After participating in the European Council and the informal government meeting, Xavier Bettel outlined the key developments in the Brexit case, stating that it was too early to measure the impact or benefits it would have on the Grand Duchy but highlighting the country’s good economic and financial network in London. He pointed to a recent study by STATEC which warned of a negative impact on economic performance from Brexit in the months to come.

In his speech, the prime minister also looked to the future of the European project, discussing possible measures to, amongst others, establish “a Europe made by citizens, for citizens” to make it more attractive. This was supported by speakers of various backgrounds and parties during the debate that followed the statement.

Subsequently, members passed a vote of five draft bills for the realisation of new N3 road between the Gare and Bonnevoie districts, and a text on the reorganisation of scholarships.