ALIPA Group Hires 20 Students this Summer

As in previous years, Luxembourg industrial lifting and packaging specialist ALIPA has offered 20 jobs to students this summer.

Each year, ALIPA welcomes around 20 trainees as part of their studies or “jobistes” during the school holidays to help them gain experience as well as carry out tasks that other employees may not have the time to complete.

The group, which employs 140 employees annually, attaches great importance to the presence of these young people in the company, as Michèle Detaille, Administrator of the ALIPA Group, explains: “It is our role as entrepreneurs, because if nobody accepts to transmit their knowledge, if no company allows young people to learn the joys but also the difficulties of work, how can it come as a surprise that they sometimes lack motivation, that they do not know which job to choose later and that they do not perform well in their first job?”

Detaille also reinforced the idea that summer jobs help to relieve the company of some tasks during the holidays.

This year, students such as Oceanne, Nathan, Romain, Xavier, Estelle, Hugo, and others, will each spend a few weeks in the workshops of companies of the ALIPA Group. The Group includes NO-NAIL BOXES, specialising in the production of folding boxes made of plywood and steel for industry, CODIPRO, specialist in articulated lifting rings, and STAS-LIFTEUROP, specialising in lifting equipment and accessories.