‘Can’t wait for the sceptics to decide’: Vervoort wants Belgian ‘corona pass’

Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort is in favour of introducing a “corona pass” in Belgium, which people can use to prove that they can safely go to the gym or a restaurant, like the one already used in Denmark.

Speaking on RTL-TVI on Sunday, Vervoort said he was open to this system to give people more freedom, but stressed that everyone should have had the chance to get vaccinated first.

“For those who have been vaccinated, something has to change. You cannot tell them to wait until the sceptics decide,” he said. “Once the whole population has had a chance to be vaccinated, I think it is legitimate to set up such a system.”

With this pass, people could prove that they can safely go to certain businesses, like the hairdresser, the gym, or a restaurant, according to Vervoort.