Luxembourg records fewer accidents but more deadly accidents

Even though the total number of accidents at work in Luxembourg only slightly decreased and the total number of deadly accidents actually increased, the proportion of accidents to workforce decreased.

The main reason for this is an increase of 33,500 people in the Luxembourg workforce compared to five years ago.

During a recent tragic incident at a construction site in Gasperich, one person was deadly injured while two other persons suffered heavy injuries. This has put the work of the Luxembourg “Inspection du Travail” (workplace inspection agency) in the spotlight of recent debates.

As a consequence, MP Marc Spautz (CSV) sent a parliamentary question to Labour Minister Nicolas Schmit, asking if recent reports by RTL claiming that the number of work accidents strongly increased in recent years, were accurate.

Furthermore, Spautz asked if the “Inspection du Travail” was still able to properly fulfil its mandate under these circumstances.

More workers, less accidents

The Minister’s answer is sobering. According to Schmit, accidents at work have decreased in recent years in relative terms. The proportion of accidents to workforce at the workplace or on the way to the workplace has gone down from 7.8 percent in 2011 to 6.9 percent in 2015.

The figures reported by RTL seem to be inaccurate as well. While RTL reports 27,000 accidents of which 11 were deadly in 2015, Schmit gives a number of 26,516 (down from 26,990 in 2011) of which 22 were fatal (19 in 2011). This is considering a total number of 380,800 workers, 33,500 more than back in 2011.