€111m in Grants, €190m in Loans Allocated to 29,927 Students for 2016/17

On Monday 2 October 2017, Marc Hansen, Luxembourg’s Minister for Higher Education and Research, held a press conference on the 2017/2018 academic year.

Minister Hansen addressed the issue of financial aid allocated during the past academic year and presented the key figures of higher education in Luxembourg for 2016/2017.

A total of 29,927 students applied for state financial assistance, including 18,156 applications from resident students and 11,771 applications from non-resident students. €111.1 million in grants were awarded in the form of grants and €190.7 million in loans.

In 2016/2017, the preferred country of study for resident students was Germany (4,205 students), followed by Luxembourg (3,666 students) and Belgium (3,464 students). As in previous years, the most sought after foreign university cities of resident for students are located within a relatively close radius of the Grand Duchy, the most frequented city being Brussels with 1,432 students.

As far as the field of study is concerned, Economics remains the students’ favourite subject. With regard to the level of education, 12,224 resident students were enrolled in the first cycle leading to a “bachelor” degree, 3,982 in the second cycle leading to a “masters” degree, and 321 in the third cycle leading to a doctorate.

As regards the University of Luxembourg, 6,173 students from 113 different nationalities have enrolled for the 2016/2017 academic year, which represents a nearly unchanged enrollment compared with the last three academic years.