The 50 euro note is about to change

The new 50 euro note

As of Tuesday you may start seeing a new 50 euro bank note in the Grand Duchy as the Central Bank of Luxembourg (BCL), together with other eurozone central banks, has announced its release into circulation.

After the new 5, 10, and 20 euro notes, the 50 euro bill now gets a facelift in the “Europa” series with extra security features.

The most important change is what is being called the “portrait window” which is transparent when held up to the light showing the mythical figure of Europa on both sides. Another change is the glossy number 50 that changes from an emerald green colour to a dark blue, depending on the angle you look at it.

The border of the bank note is marked with fine lines making the note instantly recognisable. However the colour and motifs on the note remain the same.

Don’t worry though, the first series of 50-euro notes remain legal tender and there is no plan for this to change in the forseeable future.