Scottish organic craft beer hops into Luxembourg


Luxembourg loves its beer, we all know that, but there has been change in taste and preference in recent years shifting from the big industrial tipples, to the craft micro brewery beers possibly thanks to the international community yearning for other tastes.

Now one resident has taken his love for his favourite beers a step further and begun importing them into the Grand Duchy.

During a trip to Scotland, Patrick de Goede fell in love with craft beers brewed by “Black Isle Brewing” (BIB) and their organic production, right in the heart of the Scottish Highlands near Inverness.

“I was so impressed by the brewer with their complete concept. Some brewers offer one or two organic beers in their range, but for Black Isle Brewing it’s their entire line,” explained Patrick.

Indeed the brewery is located on a traditional organic farm where barley is grown. The brew-water comes from an on-site source 100 metres beneath the brewery.

The BIB beers imported are a Scotch ale, an oatmeal stout, a pale ale, and an amber ale. “And I’ve added two more as well now,” exclaimed Patrick.