Teenager have been injured after falling from top of Luxembourg City double-decker bus

Luxembourg City double-decker bus

A teenager from the European School in Kirchberg, is reported to have been injured after falling from the open top deck of a Luxembourg City double-decker tour bus, during celebrations.

The rather unusual incident occurred in Saturday afternoon at around 2pm while the bus was making a tour through the capital.

The bus had been rented by the Swedish section the Kirchberg European School, as part of their graduation celebrations, following the school’s annual “Proclamation” event held at the Philharmonie.

The bus had left Kirchberg and was approaching the Place d’Etoile when suddenly the Swedish teenager who was on the top-deck of the bus, fell to the ground below.

A teenager from the European School in Kirchberg

Several sources have stated that the part of the metal protection railings “was broken” causing the student to fall, although this has not been verified.

Another source who didn’t wish to be named, stated that one of the passengers present on the bus “noticed duct tape at the end of the railings at the place where the railings broke.”

The student was transported to hospital, and is apparently in a stable condition. Further details are not known at this stage.